Run Like A Dog

I was reading this great little article called “A Few Rules To Run By" and something jumped out at me. It was the part about running like a dog.

[Oh, this doesn’t really apply to lazy dogs. I’ve never had a lazy dog but this is geared toward normally happy energetic dogs.]

Dogs are simple. They don’t care when they run. It could be night or day, rain or shine. They are just happy to run.

I’ve also never seen a dog check his heart rate or his pace every half mile. He just runs. He doesn’t upload his runs or brags about his PR’s. He runs for the joy of running.

I feel like more people need to run like this. I understand there is a time for training and keeping track or monitoring specific stats but sometimes you just need to bust out.

I’ve slowly been adopting this idea. I’ve cut out headphones with music, checking my pace, and monitoring my distance. Maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing my own body. But still, there something freeing about not caring. Just run.

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